I'M GOING TO SEE SPRING AWAKENING ON THURSDAY!!!!! AHHHH!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!!! I can't believe I'm going to see Spring Awakening again! ^^ I saw it before on Broadway in New York two years ago, and this year, I'm going to see it again. Only difference is THIS time it's all gonna be sung in Korean!!!!!!!! ^^

Maryanne got the tickets today for the Thursday show for herself, Susan, and me. ^^ Gotta pay her back 83 000원 tomorrow. ^^ I guess we'll catch Legally Blonde the Musical next time. ^^ I don't care, for musicals and dance shows I'm willing to fork over hundredths!! ^^ I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Show time is gonna be 8pm which is kind of late by Canadian standards (we usually start at 7:30pm). But I guess it's normal for Korean. ^^ But this mean I won't get home until late late. I hope I'll still be able to wake up early in the morning for school.....good thing we're having final exams.




I just moved to Korea and researched "broadway korea" aaaaand your post popped up! Where can I go to see shows like this? I'm a super theater geek.

Thanks :-)

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