I'M GOING TO SEE SPRING AWAKENING ON THURSDAY!!!!! AHHHH!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!!! I can't believe I'm going to see Spring Awakening again! ^^ I saw it before on Broadway in New York two years ago, and this year, I'm going to see it again. Only difference is THIS time it's all gonna be sung in Korean!!!!!!!! ^^

Maryanne got the tickets today for the Thursday show for herself, Susan, and me. ^^ Gotta pay her back 83 000원 tomorrow. ^^ I guess we'll catch Legally Blonde the Musical next time. ^^ I don't care, for musicals and dance shows I'm willing to fork over hundredths!! ^^ I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Show time is gonna be 8pm which is kind of late by Canadian standards (we usually start at 7:30pm). But I guess it's normal for Korean. ^^ But this mean I won't get home until late late. I hope I'll still be able to wake up early in the morning for school.....good thing we're having final exams.


I've discovered a miniature Christmas town in 고속 터미널. ^^ I love it love it! ^^ I bought so much to decorate our school office tomorrow. ^^ I'm loving it! ^^ Check out my video! ^^

I'm happy to say I was able to put a smile on everybody's faces at the office. ^^ JyHyun and Mrs. Ko helped me decorate, and the other teachers were telling me how it was a good idea to decorate the office. ^^ The art teacher gave us a funny, what-the-heck-is-going-on look though. *lol* Oh well, get use to it. ^^ Cuz Christmas decoration MUST GO UP!!!! ^^

It is December 2, 2009 2:50pm today and it is my birthday in Korea. Yesterday I was feeling bummed out because nobody is available to meet up with me today to go around Seoul taking pictures of Christmas lights because they're busy with exams and other things. It felt just horrible........so this morning I came to school still feeling reminants of being bummed out......

That is until just a few minutes ago.

I was sitting at my desk deskwarming, watching Uta Hagen videos about acting and jotting down notes (been doing this all morning), when one of my co-teachers 연정 came and tapped me on my shoulder saying "You have to come with me because the students in 2-2 said that they didn't do part 3 and 4 of the reading comprehension yet." And like the gulliable person that I am, I totally believed her and followed her upstairs to the classroom fully prepared to read the two passages. Dang! I should've been suspicious when I saw all the lights were out in the classroom! I totally thought the lights were out because the students wanted to sleep while they wait for us to get there. Oi........*lol* So we entered the room and the first thing that struck me was that the room was glowing. The second thing that strucked me was that the students were singing happy birthday!! I was so dumbstrucked and half my brain was still thinking "I still need to read them the passage." Then I finally clued in: OOOOOOH!!!! You tricked me!!!! *pointing at my co-teacher* during the song. They finished the song and I went up to the cake (they got it from Paris Bagette and the candles are multicolored, shaped as individual letters on toothpicks spelling out "Happy Birthday." I blew out the candles and one of the students tried to pop one of those streamers but it flopped out in a ball instead of popping out in stringy colors. *lol* He also put a cone-shaped birthday hat on me (which I'll keep to remind me of this day). *lol* After that the students took no time to swarm over the cake with paper in hand as make-shift plates. *lol* My co-teacher was cutting out chunks for each table of students it was fun to watch. One student hoarded the cake from his group so the other guys at his table was chasing after him trying to get a bite. *lol* One female student (the one whom had studied abroad for 6 months) came up afterwards to talk to me and asking how I'm going to celebrate my birthday. I told her I don't know because everybody I know is too busy to meet up. Then she told me about her experience during her birthday in the States and how much she cried on her birthday because she missed her family. Yeah, we totally understand eachother. ^^

So, thank you 연정 and students in 2-2 for the birthday surprise. This is the first time a group of people outside of my family has done this for me. Friends back home, whom I've known longer than I've known you all, have never done anything like this for me before. Before today, my family were the only ones who threw me a party with cake and helped me celebrate. So thank you all for being my first non-family to throw me a surprise like this. I am deeply touched and I will forever remember what happened today.

Thank you and I love you all!!!!! ^^

Edit: I would also like to Thank Grisel and her friends for all that they've done too. ^^ When I got home from work, I saw red heart shaped balloons with happy birthday taped to my apartment door. Later Grisel and her friend took me to dinner and Grisel also got a birthday cake for me. ^^ It was the cutest cake ever!!! ^^ Thank you so much for everything Grisel! ^^

It has been 3 months already......can you believe it? Wah..........

I think I've pretty much settled into my life here. Hmmmm....yeah going to Myeongdong later on tonight (probably) to get some cheap garbage bins and stool from Daiso. ^^ Yeah......not much going on around here lately. *bleh*

I've been deskwarming for half of my week this week and next week, there's gonna be more desk warming awaiting me. *sigh*

So just came back from Seoul Lantern Festival in Gwanghwamun! ^^ It was friggin cold at
-2degrees but the trip out was oh so worth it! ^^ Just click on my slide show to see all the pictures!!! ^^

Bumped into Mo while coming out of exit 5 so we went out to the square and started taking pictures of the statues, etc. ^^ Then met up with Vivian by exit 5 and we started our lantern fest! ^^ I took a lot of pictures and here are some that Mo took of me. ^^ Be sure to double click on my slide show to see the rest of the pics!!! ^^

Today went to see a play with Dalki and her friends. ^^ It was awesome. ^^ My first play in Korea! ^^ Yayzers!!! ^^ I met up with Dalki and her friends in Hyehwa station. ^^ That's where the theatre dristrict in Seoul. ^^ Loved it there. ^^ I'm going to see more theatre there in the future. ^^

Our show started at 7:45pm. ^^ It was unique cuz we had to cue up across from the theatre. ^^ The venue was pretty tiny, but it is all the space the show needs. ^^ I love how the actors were interacting with the audience. ^^ "웁스" is a comedy play parodying a lot of tv shows. ^^ They did a parody of "Lost" where they had a priest, a monk, and an athiest trapped on a deserted island with an insane girl. ^^ Then they did a parody of a Korean gangster movie. ^^ Loved it! ^^ I understood some parts of it so yay me! ^^ I'm definitely going to see another show soon! ^^

So because today is final exam day for all grade 12 students in Korea, I was told yesterday to stay home and rest instead of coming to school. So yeah....free day today. *lol*

Oh man...they really take their final exam very seriously here....I heard from the teachers that just for today, the Korean government is cancelling all flights coming into Seoul because they believe the planes are too noisy and distruptive for the students. *bleh*

Hmm.....so no school for me today = too much time on my hands. Webcamed with family for 3 hours today. *lol* Later tonight, I'll finally be meeting up with Jinah and HyeonSeok in Gangnam. ^^ So yayzers!!!! ^^ Missed those girls like crazy. ^^

Hmmmmmm might go to JoongRoh 3 Ka tonight for some kind of light show. ^^ Hope I can find the place. ^^

Oki, I'll update more later when I actually have something to type about. ^^ Gotta get ready to go out again. ^^


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