It's currently 6:37am in Suwon, S. Korea. I've been a good girl going to sleep by 9pm and waking up at 5am. ^^ *lol* I feel good! ^^ My mom should be proud!!!! ^^

So we are approaching the end of our week-long quarantine disguised as "orientation." This really bites because we are not allowed to go off campus at all. >< *sigh* And yesterday, we discovered that they cancelled our Seoul Tour and, instead, they're going to have nurses come in to take our temperatures everyday from here on. ><><

Other than the quarantine, the orientation has been going well. ^^ I've met a lot of people from around the globe, and SMOE had brought in a lot of awesome guest speakers to relate their teaching stories to us and to give us ideas. ^^

Today we'll be doing our mock teaching presentations. ^^ It's going to be awesome fun. ^^ Tiffany, Deborah, and I are going to be teaching the modal "can" and "can't" using superheros. ^^ I'm not nervous. I'm just going to enjoy the experience and learn from others. ^^ I'm like a sponge absorbing anything and everything. ^^ So....Bring it on! ^^


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