So because today is final exam day for all grade 12 students in Korea, I was told yesterday to stay home and rest instead of coming to school. So day today. *lol*

Oh man...they really take their final exam very seriously here....I heard from the teachers that just for today, the Korean government is cancelling all flights coming into Seoul because they believe the planes are too noisy and distruptive for the students. *bleh* no school for me today = too much time on my hands. Webcamed with family for 3 hours today. *lol* Later tonight, I'll finally be meeting up with Jinah and HyeonSeok in Gangnam. ^^ So yayzers!!!! ^^ Missed those girls like crazy. ^^

Hmmmmmm might go to JoongRoh 3 Ka tonight for some kind of light show. ^^ Hope I can find the place. ^^

Oki, I'll update more later when I actually have something to type about. ^^ Gotta get ready to go out again. ^^


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