Today went to see a play with Dalki and her friends. ^^ It was awesome. ^^ My first play in Korea! ^^ Yayzers!!! ^^ I met up with Dalki and her friends in Hyehwa station. ^^ That's where the theatre dristrict in Seoul. ^^ Loved it there. ^^ I'm going to see more theatre there in the future. ^^

Our show started at 7:45pm. ^^ It was unique cuz we had to cue up across from the theatre. ^^ The venue was pretty tiny, but it is all the space the show needs. ^^ I love how the actors were interacting with the audience. ^^ "웁스" is a comedy play parodying a lot of tv shows. ^^ They did a parody of "Lost" where they had a priest, a monk, and an athiest trapped on a deserted island with an insane girl. ^^ Then they did a parody of a Korean gangster movie. ^^ Loved it! ^^ I understood some parts of it so yay me! ^^ I'm definitely going to see another show soon! ^^


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