So yesterday after work I went on a shopping spree in MyeongDong on my own. ^^ I love the little shops there. I saw a lot of good clothes. A bit pricey, but worth it. ^^ I went to Forever21 first and got a spirally light green scarf and pink beret. ^^ Loved it! ^^ Then I went to the litle shops around MyeongDong. ^^ I went to Red Wood and there was a jacket that caught my eye. I'm still debating whether or not I should get it...oh wells, I'm gonna go back to MyeongDong on Friday and if it's still there, then I will get it. ^^ It's sooooooo soft! ^^ Anyways, so yesterday I bought two big tops. ^^ Since coming to Korea, I've gotten into layering my clothes and skinny jeans. ^^ Love it. ^^ Anyways, I'm happy with what I got. ^^ For some reason though, the sales people kept mistaking me for being a Japanese even after I spoke English with them. I don't know, am I missing something? Exactly how do I look Japanese?? After paying for my purchase, this one sales lady kept thanking me in Japanese, even when I was replying with a "Thank you" in English AND we've been speaking English while she was helping me. *sigh*

Anyways, so yesterday I spent my evening wandering MyeongDong and I didn't get back to my area until close to 10pm so I had a late dinner. *lol* Ah...gotta get my eating habits back to normal. *lol* I'm so bad. ^^

Hmmm....what else to update.....oh right!!! ^^ So I've been making a lot of trips to Costco in SangBong lately. ^^ Made another trip to there two nights ago, took the bus as usual except this time, my t-money card ran out of money. So I quickly dug for change not knowing how much it was until the bus driver told me 1000won. I couldn't find the last 100won so the bus driver told me "It's ok" in KOrean and told me to sit down. But I would have none of it because a fee is a fee and I don't feel right not paying the regular amount. Finally I found a 100won in my coat pocket. ^^ The bus driver asked me if I'm a foreigner and I said yes. Then he asked me KOrea? Japanese? And I said no "Canadian." *sigh* Do I look Japanese or something?? I know i';m short but really, I don't dress crazy like Japanese girls do....

School itself has been going very well. I haven't been teaching much again because classes kept getting cancelled or I'm aske dto desk warm because teachers need to brief the students about the upcoming performance test. Ah wells.....I've been awarding the kids Dum Dum Pops everytime they win in an activity. ^^ This week was BAMM game and only the one winning team will get some Dum Dums. So yes, I've had students saying "Trick or Treat" to me, and "I love you" *lol* They're so funny. ^^

Hmm.........well, I'm going to meet up with Shannon and Marissa in SinDang again for some good ol' ddokbokki. ^^ Yummers!!!! Can't wait!!! ^^


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