WOOOOOOO!!! Crazy night!!!!! So I did end up going out last night. ^^ ALL night. *lol*

So yes, that means I did come up with a costume. ^^ It was Grisel's idea that I be a golfer. Couldn't find a polo in Myeongdong though so just went with a pink t-shirt and wrapped Grisel's black sweater around my shoulders. ^^

Met up with Tiffany and Deborah in Hongdae at 630pm. Then went looking for the concert venue. It got changed numerous time so finally settled for the second concert which starts at 10pm. Went out to have supper first then went back to the venue where we met up with JOa. ^^ Yup Joa came out!!!! ^^ She was a devil. ^^ So cute! ^^

So we went to Club Spot for the rock concert. At first the girl wasn't going to give me the discount because she didn't think I was in costume. But I was like "Dude, I don't dress like this everyday." *lol* The entrance fee was 10 000 won. The bands were alright. We stayed for 3 sets. the first set was a Korean band. The lead singer was dressed up as Kim Jong-Il with a name tag that says Kim Jong-Il. *lol* Anyways, to be honest, the music just wasn't my style. I can't seem to get into it.....

Left early and went to Con Bar. Tiffany didn't want to go to a bar so Dan helped her flag down a taxi home. ^^ So Joa and i went with Dan to Con bar to meet up with the others -- Dan, Owen, JiHyun, Nick, Nick's friend Vinh. They drank, but I just had water. I have more fun when I'm sober. ^^ Later Jessica, Jessica's friend Eric, and Diana came and we all went out looking for a club. Freakin weather didn't let up on the rain. It was pouring like crazy and there were long line ups going into the clubs. We walked for so long and it got cold. Everybody was getting a bit frustrated because it was rainy and cold and there were long line ups. We lost Jess in front of one of the clubs and so her friend Eric stayed behind to wait for her. Dan and JiHyun
decided to take a taxi back home and the 5 of us (Me, Joa, Nick, Diana, and Vinh) went in search of a club. We later settled for Club NB2 and it was PACKED!!! And it was mostly Koreans going there so it was pretty cool to see how Korean party it up. Club NB2 is a hip hop club so my kinda music. Entrance fee was 15 000won but you get a ticket for discounted drinks. I didn't get any cuz drinking is not my thing. I kept the coupon as a souvenir. ^^ After a lot of shoving and squeezing through people, we finally found a spot on the stair platform (the club has 3 levels) to dance. ^^ Sometime during the night, I felt some guy grinding up against me from behind while I was dancing with Joa so I moved away. *lol* Ah, not shocked, just a little bit turned off cuz he must be one desperate dude who came alone looking to hook up with girls. *bleh* *lol* Nick was giving me this "uhh what are you gonna do about that guy behind you" look so I was like "whatever" and moved away. *haha* The night was fun though and I didn't feel tired at all cuz I slept until 3pm that day before going out. ^^ So I had a lot of energy to take me through the night. ^^ Joa got tired towards 3am but we had to go find Diana somewhere first. ^^ So the guys went looking for Diana. We ended up dancing until 4:15am and leaving around 4:30am. ^^ Joa, Diana, and I decided to wait for the train to open up again so we went to a street vendor and had ddokbokki until 5am. ^^ The we took the train home. ^^ I slept a little on the train and didn't get home until 6:30am. ^^

Through out the entire night, I saw 3 seperate fights break out. First fight was when we were walking out from Con Bar, we saw 2 Korean guys shoving and punching eachother. Their friends were holding them back. The second fight happened while we were waiting for Jessica in front of a bar. Two Korean guys were grabbing and punching eachother while their friends were trying to seperate them. The guys' girlfriends were having a cat fight of their own pulling at eachother's hair and clothes. The 3rd fight was while we were leaving Club NB2 and I saw this drunk Korean guy with bloody scrapes on his face shoving his friend away, stumbling, and falling on the street while his friend was trying to help him. He later turned on his friend and they had a flailing wrestling match out on the road. His friend managed to subdue him later, thank god. *bleh* So much drama.......

But I don't regret going out and staying out late last night. Because that was one thing I was looking for by coming here to Korea. New experiences.........And every step of the way last night was a new experience. ^^


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