So over the past weekend, it was 추석 holiday here in Seoul. ^^ So we didn't have to work on Friday last week and Monday this week. ^^ Sweet, eh? I heart Korean holidays!!! ^^ We spent last week monitoring the kids' midterm exam, so now midterms are all finished. ^^ Back to teaching this week. ^^

As mentioned in the video, I met up with a few friends on Friday and we went around taking pictures in 명동, downtown by the stream, and later 건국. ^^ I met up with San, Ashley and Jessica in 명동 for lunch before we went off taking pictures. While walking through 명동, we discovered a very nice Chinese elementary school. ^^ So random. *lol* We walked to the stream and took some pictures, then we walked to the fountain area and took a lot of jumping pictures. From there we walked to Insadong and then to Konkuk to meet up with Nick and his buddies. Went for Kalbi in Konkuk then to a bar called "Beer Girl." *lol* Yeah, it is a guys' bar so Jess, Ash, and I felt a little out of place there. *lol* I drank only a little (maybe 3 sips), didn't like it and left my beer-soju-mixed there. It just reaffirms my dislike for alcohol. Hated the taste.

All in all, it was a good day. ^^

Saturday I went to the temple again. ^^ Spent the whole day there plus had supper there too. ^^ Because it was also Mid-Autumn and Chuseok, I had mooncake and Korean rice cakes at the temple. ^^ There was calligraphy sutra transcription so I stayed for that in the afternoon. ^^

Sunday, I went to a Global Festival in Incheon with Nick and Ashley and some of Nick's friends. It was an alright festival. ^^ But nothing special because it felt like Heritage Festival back in Edmonton for me. ^^ Not much to talk about there except things were pricey and portions were too small. Incheon is almost 2 hours away from my apartment so I didn't get home until close to 11pm.


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