Sorry for my negligence keeping up with this blog. I guess I've surpassed my "honeymoon stage" with Seoul and now everything just seems normal to me. Honeymooning Seoul's been fun while it lasted..........I've still kept up with my picture taking though as interesting things begin to creep up so don't worry. ^^ I can't remember where I left off in my updates, and I can't remember what I did after instead of giving an inaccurate update here, I'm just going to wait until I upload the pictures (soon) and update everybody with the captions below. ^^

I got sick a few days ago. Caught a cold, but I'm slowly recovering thanks to medicine mom packed for me from back home, plus sleeping this weekend away and staying hydrated with water and orange juice. ^^ *sigh* But you know, it takes just getting a simple cold to make a person begin to feel homesick. I've been having a mad case of homesickness since getting sick. I know that this is just a phase and that it is alright to feel homesick, it doesn't make you a weaker person. And I know if you ask me on a normal, healthy day about how I feel about coming here to South Korea, my reply will still be "I wouldn't change this for the world." But right now I'm homesick and I admit it.

I'm having mad cravings for a bowl of MacNCheese right now............

But enough of homesickness. It's beginning to sound depressing. *lol* Anyways, classes are going alright. Some of the kids are starting to warm up to me which is cool. If I can influence and encourage at least one kid to continue to pursue English studies after high school, I can say that I have fulfilled my purpose...and even better if it's the whole class. I've come to have a favourite class. Class 2-11 is the most advance class among all the grade 11ers classes. Their only weakness is their shyness at openly speaking English. They have all the vocab tools to carry on a decent conversation with you, but some of them don't want to stand out and appear like they're show offs and others are too insecure about their pronunciation to even try. But I'm sure with a little more encouraging, I'll get it out of them. ^^ The other classes are ok with a mixture of kids who really want to be there and kids who don't give a crap about English. Oh well, I guess things never come in neat little packages. Here's to, hopefully, an endurable term.....I have only 5 more weeks with my kids before their Korean teachers whisk them away again for final exam reviews. *sigh*

Speaking about the end of term, I must reconfirm the dates for my winter camp again with CJ because I'm feeling a vacation to Hong Kong in February is in order. Even if it is only for a week, I'll still take it if my relatives in HK oks my staying at their place for the week. ^^ I'm definitely not going to spend thousands on a plane ticket back to Canada just for Chinese New Year, so HK is a short distance alternative. Plus it would be cool to spend it with relatives for a change. ^^

This past Friday marks my 2 month anniversary here in Seoul, South Korea. I can't believe it's been 2 months already........Life is short because time just flies. This just confirms it. Cherish each day like it's your last.......


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