Hmmmm......where did I leave off???? I guess this happens when I don't keep up with my blog. *lol* Sorry.....

Anyways, Yesterday I met up with Marissa, her boyfriend, and Shannon in Isu. ^^ Took me close to 45mins to get down there because it was south of the river and I live in the far North side. It was awesome fun seeing them again though. We ate at this fast food place (which wasn't bad) because we couldn't decide on a real restaurant. *lol* But then we had awesome yogurt at Red Mango which makes up for everything. ^^ I ordered in Korean again and again I was self-conscious about my acent and pronunciation (we're not even going to speak about grammer). The lady asked me if I was Korean, and I said no. Then she asked me if I was Japanese, and again I said no I'm Canadian. *sigh* Why do people ask me about other ethnicities when, seeing that Iam speaking English with Shannon and everybody that I'm not from this part of the world???? This stereotype just because I look Asian is getting old........I told her that my Korean is bad and sorry, and she told me that I should practise more and it's going to get better.

We couldn't visit this cool coffee place with swings for seats though because we lost track of time at Red Mango. Darn....oh well, next time. ^^ Ok so this was last night. ^^ I didn't get home until around 11pm. But I went to sleep right away. I also forgot to take pictures yesterday (darn it)....Oh well, I remember for the next time. ^^

Hmmm......Oh I met up with Dalki again on Tuesday after work and we went to Insadong. ^^ It was awesome in Insadong and I was really digging the whole folkart atmosphere. ^^ Everything in Insadong is homemade and since it's one of the tourist hotspots, the prices were a bit expensive. I didn't get anything (next time), but we did eat at this cool, nicely decorated restaurant plus drank ginger tea at this cozy tea house. ^^ I took pictures so I'l post it up soon in my slideshow. ^^ Remember to double click on the slide show to see even more pictures!!! ^^ The slideshow only shows a minimum of 50 pictures. ^^ I took over 300 already. ^^

Ok, that's the recap of this week so far. ^^ I'm meeting up with Dan and Jessica later to shoot some photos around Seoul. ^^ Should be fun. ^^ We're meeting in MyeongDong at around noon-ish. ^^ Will update more later. ^^

Yeah it's Friday today. ^^ No school for me for 4 days because of Chuseok holiday!!!!!! ^^ Gota love Korean holidays. ^^ *lol*


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