So yesterday I met up with Deborah and Tiffany in 명동 after work. ^^ Because of midterm exams, I don't have classes to teach at all this week and everyday, they told me to go home at 12:30pm. ^^ So today after work, I met up with Deborah at 3:30pm in Myeong Dong for some shopping. ^^ Deborah wanted to get a long t-shirt for hiking, but all the stores are starting to sell long sleeved shirts for the winter. However, both Deborah and I bought headbands. ^^ I got a feather headband which is so cool! ^^ I'll post pictures later. ^^

Oh! And I was reunited with this shirt again. ^^ Saw it the first time in COEX mall, and yesterday saw it again in 명동.....could this be a sign that I should get it? Is it calling my name? *lol* What do you think? Should I get it? ^^:

We met up with Tiffany later at around 6:30pm and we went for Japanese food for dinner. ^^ It was soooo good! ^^ And it was around this time that I found out I should stop eating so much spicy food or else risk messing up my stomach. Yikes! Thanks Tiff the info! I don't want to get stomach ulcers or heart burn or anything like that. I'm going to decrease the amount of spicy food I ingest. ^^

After dinner, we stumbled on this awesome store called Kosney. ^^ They have the BEST random things ever!!! ^^ So cute and unique! ^^ It's the best place to find souvenirs for people back home. ^^ Just for the hell of it, I bought fake bread that's also a card and cellphone holder. ^^ It even smells and feels like bread too!!!! Check it out!

Cute, eh? ^^ It even got fake molds on the back! ^^ Don't worry, I tested it. ^^ It is fake. ^^

Oh yeah! I also got a mouse pad and this cute puppy cellphone cleaner. ^^

For more pictures of our night in 명동, check out my slide show!!!!! ^^ Just double click on the slideshow pictures and you'll be taken to my photo album with a LOT of pictures. ^^


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