Woops! Looks like I’m falling behind again. Sorry for the delay. I have 30mins to type up something before I leave work to meet Jessica in 명동 for some good ol’ 칼국수 and maybe shopping. ^^

So just to recap, I successfully completed my first week of teaching last week. I can say that the majority of the time, it’s been pretty engaging. ^^ I had loads of fun leading the activities, however I almost lost my voice because of my over enthusiastic response to my activities. I’ve been getting pretty good feedbacks about my classes, however some teachers were saying my classes are too loud. *lol* The principal walked into my class one day while we were wrapping up, so I had to dive into a back up dictation activity to kill the last 5 mins of class time. *lol* ^^ I think she liked it because she told the other teachers to follow my example and make good use of class time. ^^

I have some favourite classes, but there’s one class, 201, who are enthusiasm killers. A lot of the students in the class don’t even know how to form complete sentences so they are bored, don’t give a crap about English, sleeping, and they’re not willing to participate. *sigh* What to do with them………..

So I had another chillaxing weekend. ^^ On Saturday I stayed at my apartment because it rained and I didn’t feel like going out. ^^ Then on Sunday, I met up with Gwanghee again and he took me to 경복궁. ^^ We spent the entire day there looking around and taking pictures. ^^ I took so many pictures and videos that my battery died before we even reached 명동 . TT_TT *sigh* So sad. We saw the changing of the guards at 경복궁 though. ^^ After 경복궁, we took the subway down to 명동 to have lunch at this famous noodle place called 명동 교자. ^^ There were two branches downtown but both have HUGE line ups!!! ^^ It snaked all the way outside! But it was oh so worth it. ^^ The 칼국수 were so good and the 만두 was yummy yummy. ^^ I hope to go there again tonight for dinner with Jessica. ^^

So this week, I’m not expected to teach in the classrooms because the teachers are having reviews with their students. ^^ So I get to sit at my desk and make lesson plans after lesson plans. Oh joy……….

Oh! I’m off work!! ^^ Time to head back to the ol’ apt, put away my stuff, and head on out to 명동!!! ^^ I’ll update more later. ^^

Update** Alright, it's close to 10pm and I'm back at my apartment. ^^ Just came back from dinner with Jessica at 명동 교자. ^^ It was so yummy and oh so worth the trip. ^^ We walked around a bit afterwards, going up to Uniqlo. But we didn't buy anything. It was too late and I didn't wanna make bad choices anyways. ^^ So, I'm gonna make another trip down there on the weekend. ^^ I can't wait! ^^ Hmm........yeah that's about it. I can say that I've successfully took the subway all the way to 명동 from my place. ^^ Transfered 3 times, but it was all good. ^^ *sigh* When I was in 명동, I wished that I didn't live so far away......actually I wished I can live in 명동.......

Now! Video time!!!! ^^


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