I’m sorry for my sporadic updates. So much has happened recently and I’ve been so busy that there just wasn’t any time to sit down and chillax.

Just to recap, I met up with Gwanghee and we went everywhere in Seoul. ^^ Well, not quite everywhere. ^^ He helped me find Fo Guang Shan temple ^^ He also took me to the Kyobo Bookstore so that I can get my English teaching books. ^^

Anyways, so our first stop was Fo Guang Shan temple. ^^ We got off at Dong Dae Ib Gu and made our way out the #2 exit. ^^ Then I spotted a sign that said Fo Guang Shan pointing into a tiny ally (yay). ^^ So we walked up the ally, but when we got to the entrance, the door was locked. Good thing I had thought to copy Fo Guang Shan’s number so Gwanghee helped me call them. ^^ While he was talking to them, I saw a shi fu coming down to open the door. ^^ Yay! ^^ Then I saw another shi fu (I recognized her right away because of the Seoul FGS website pictures) ^^ come down to greet us and wow! ^^ I can finally practice speaking mandarin with the venerable there!! ^^ The venerable took us to their guest room and I gave one of the venerable the souvenirs I bought over from Canada. ^^ They then asked me questions about when did I arrive in Seoul, how long will I stay here, what am I doing here, etc. They then told me that Venerable Chueh Yu was in Seoul too but that she’s leaving later on tonight. So one of the venerable helped me call Venerable Chueh Yu and I got to talk on the phone with Venerable Chueh Yu. ^^ Afterwards, they asked me and Gwanghee whether or not we’ve ate yet, and I told them that we’ll go out to eat. But one of the shi fu had started to make noodles for us so we stayed for lunch. ^^ And oh my goodness! ^^ She made sooooooo much noodles for us!!!!! *lol* Gwanghee was surprised too of course. *lol* The shi fu sat down with us and we ate together and I tried my best to speak mandarin and she tried her best to speak English. ^^ We were both horrible at it though. *lol* Oh well, more practise makes perfect. ^^ Anyways, afterwards I helped wash the dishes and then the shi fu showed me the main shrine. ^^ It felt so good to be able to be in the main shrine again! ^^ The shi fus told me that even though the shi fus will all be in Taiwan this coming week, Seoul BLIA YAD will still be meeting for Dharma classes. ^^ So I think I will join them on Saturday at noon. ^^ Later, we went back up and the head venerable came out and gave us souvenirs. ^^ It’s so cute. ^^ It’s a little monk on a cell phone string. ^^ I put it on my bag right away. ^^

Afterwards, Gwanghee took me to Kyobo book store to get some books and teaching materials. ^^ Omg! Kyobo bookstore is BIG!!!! Way bigger than Chapters in Canada!!!! Wow! We found the English section and I picked up two books. ^^ One is a discussion book, and the other one is a drama book for the classroom. ^^ Kyobo book store is like a freakin warehouse!!! Freakin big with a LOT of people milling around!! *lol* After Kyobo, Gwanghee and I walked to downtown Seoul. ^^ It was awesome because we passed this big square with fountains and a lot of kids running around playing in the water. ^^ It was so funny and the kids over here are very very cute!!! ^^ So chubby! ^^ *lol*

We also saw a Korean drama exhibit where the different Korean channels here have displays of their dramas all together. ^^ There were sets and costumes for people to try on and take pictures in. ^^ It was so much fun. ^^ We went into this haunted house set and one of the workers reached behind a book shelf and put a fake skeleton hand on my shoulder! Darn him I was feeling like there was something on my shoulder the entire day! *bleh* *lol* After the film exhibit, we went to an arts museum and saw a lot of Korean folk art and paintings. ^^ It was amazing!!! ^^

After the film exhibit, we went to an arts museum and saw a lot of Korean folk art and paintings. ^^ It was amazing!!! ^^ Afterwards, we walked towards Central downtown. ^^ I got some cappuccino shake from Baskin Robbins and it was soooo small but costs so much. What a rip off. *sigh* Oh wells...........

We walked past the pit that was supposed to be city hall. They are in the process of rebuilding it so it’s still a pit. There was an open air free concert right by city hall but it was wrapping up when we got there. They later had this Christian concert which we didn’t bother staying for. It’s not that I am anti-Christian or anything, but Korean Christian are so hardcore, it gets scary.
We walked past Myeongdong later but we never got around to doing any shopping. I was almost broke (I need to exchange money baaaaaad) and Gwanghee had to meet up with KiYong for dinner. Oh wells, next time. ^^ I have an entire year to explore everything. ^^

Ahhhhhhh!! I start teaching classes tomorrow. I wonder how that’s gonna go?.........wish me luck!!! Getting a little nervous..........


Seoul Fo Guang Shan! ^^

Going to JoongGak and Kyobo Bookstore! ^^

Arrived at Kyobo Bookstore. ^^

Feels like a subway in here but nope, it's a bookstore. ><

I bought 2 books!! ^^

*haha* Cute chubby Korean kids playing in the fountain. ^^

Drama Festival. ^^ All the main channels in Seoul set up drama sets here. ^^ Pretty cool. ^^

Red pepper festival with multi-colored pepper plants. ^^


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