Gonna meet up with Joa tonight in 신촌! ^^ It'll be my second time going there. *hehe* We're gonna meet up for din din and then, who knows what else later? ^^ Afterall it is a Friday. ^^ *lol* But since I'm not really a party person, we'll see what my mood is. ^^ If I'm too tired from sitting at my desk all day, then I might go home and crash afterwards. ^^

Currently I'm sitting at my desk again. I am going to make it my point to produce more lesson plans.......But it's hard because lesson plans make me very very sleepy. Brainstorming makes me sleepy.............*yawn*

Yesterday I took the subway to Konkuk after work to pick up my package from Gwanghee. ^^ The package my mom sent me finally came!!! ^^ Thx mom!! ^^


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Tomorrow is a Mystery.
Today is a Gift......

That's why it is called the Present.

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