Thanks to my co-teacher, I finally have internet!! ^^ Yes!!!! ^^

So a lot has happened since my last post. For one thing, yesterday was my first day going to Sang Myung High School. ^^ I was feeling a bit anxious yesterday because I don't know what to expect. *hehe* But it turns out to be quite alright. ^^ My co-teacher came to get me from my apartment early in the morning and we took the subway together. ^^ I finally purchased a T-Money card. ^^ The subway wasn't too bad, but we got out of the wrong exit and had to walk a lot to get to the school.The school turns out to be very big and pretty new. Very impressive brick buildings. ^^ I later found out that it's actually privately owned, but because the school founder is a very respectable person and the school is considered one of the best schools in Seoul, it has become a private school catered to public school students. ^^ I can't believe I got placed in a prestigeous high school! *lol* I hope I won't disappoint them.

Anyways, they had me meet with the head honcho of the school so they took me up this tower. Yes, a TOWER -- a long winding staircase to the top encased behind plexi-glass tower.
I was really feeling the Korean hioerarchy culture right then and there. *bleh* *lol* We arrived at the top to behold huge double doors and behind it a very swanky office complete with a big kitchen, black leather couches in the guest area and a large conference room with a huge oval table. Yes, I was having a 꽃보다남자 moment for a second there.

We met with the guy who, I was told, has perfect command of the English language, but spoke in Korean with the vice-principal and the head English teacher the majority of the time that I was there. Dang it. Then he proceeded to ask me personal questions about my family and whether or not I'm married or single, etc. He wasn't the only one asking me this. When I met with the principal the next day, she also asked me the same thing. *sigh* Their obsession in regards to relationship issues, I don't think I can ever understand. *sigh*

Anyways, picture time from last Sunday!!!! ^^

National Museum of Korea in Icheon! ^^

Walking to a restaurant in Konkuk (Forgot the name)

At a restaurant in Konkuk ^^ The food was goooooooooooooooooood!!! ^^

At Lotte Shopping Centre in Konkuk ^^
Now for a video of yummy food ^^


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