I forgot the exact day that I met up with friends this past week. So I'll just tell about it in no particular order. ^^

Met up with Joa and her guy friend some time this month. *lol* ^^ Met them in Sinchon and went out for Korean style bbq. ^^ It was delicious but the meet was a bit fatty. ^^ Afterwards, we went to Red Mango for some good yogurt. ^^ Had an awesome time hanging out with Joa and her friend though. ^^

Later on this week, I met up with Dalki twice. ^^ First time we wen to COEX mall and did some hopping and eating at the fusion restaurant called Omuto Tomato or something. ^^ Pretty good stuff. ^^ Then the second time, it was in Myeongdong yesterday where we shopped and ate at this Shabu Shabu place. ^^ Yummy!! ^^

Oh! Right! This past Wednesday, I met up with a bunch of SMOE people again at 신당동 for some good good 떡볶이. ^^ It was fab to see everyone again. ^^ I shared a pot of 떡볶이 with Jenny, Samantha, and Grisel and we were still hungry afterwards that we called for seconds! *lol* Yes we can sure eat! ^^

After 떡볶이, we went to Red Mango for some good ol' yogurt. ^^ Yummy! I ordered a medium size thinking it would be just like medium in Canada, but hell no! It was soooo big!!! No wondered the guy behind the counter chuckled after I said no, it's for me only. But still, it was ooo good. And I don't care if I'm a glutton. I'm a proud glutton. *lol* ^^

I also met up with Yohan, my friend from L.A this Thursday. ^^ It was so spontaneous because I didn't expect to meet up with anyone that day, but we met up at Starbucks for coffee. ^^

On Friday night, I met up with Tiffany, Jason, and DJ in Sa Dang for some good ol' Korean BBQ and ice cream afterwards. ^^ It was so good and the company was so good. ^^ So much fun with them. ^^


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