Well, I've been sitting here in the same seat in the same office for the entire day just waiting for 4:30pm to arrive. *sigh* There are no classes today because the students are writing their National exam today. I've been staring at this dang computer screen trying to come up with lesson plans but ended up looking for more karaoke songs for the "Last One Standing" game that I hope to do with my kids. I've been nodding off like crazy because I'm so bored. I'm sure the other teachers thought I was a bobble head or something. *sigh* Ah, only an hour more to go and I'm outta here!!! ^^

So, they say fall has come to Korea, but to me, it still feels like summer. It's no longer hot hot, but the trees still haven't changed colors or anything like they do in Canada so it just doesn't feel like fall to me here. There's a slight breeze but it's a comfortable breeze. ^^

So far I've only met up with 2 people -- Gwanghee and my orientation friend Jessica. ^^ I've hung out with Gwanghee more because he's been taking me around Seoul every Sunday. ^^ I think we're going to InsaDong this Sunday. ^^ I'll be meeting up with Joa on Friday after work. ^^ Hmmm.....going to the temple for dharma service on Saturday morning at 11am........then meeting up with Jessica at 3:30pm to go to Korean class. ^^ It's free!!! ^^ Oh shoot right! I'll have to reschedule with Dalki for Saturday then......hmmm....Meeting up with Gwanghee to go to Insadong on Sunday. Meeting up with Jinkyo next Thursday for dinner. Hmm.......

There are still a lot of people I have yet to meet up with again.................

My butt's got calluses from sitting on it too much. TT___TT


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